Chase Print Group has been providing quality printed products since 1989 and we continue to develop our reputation as a leader in the print industry. Established in Melbourne, we are a family run business and consider ourselves part of the local fabric, having developed strong relationships with our wider community and customers. A print job is not just a job, it’s an opportunity for us to showcase what we can do and to explore new territory for our clients, with innovation always central to how we operate.

You may ask how we can ensure that new ideas surface for our clients? It is a result of the passion that comes from years in the business and that the work we do is an expression of creativity not just for our clients, but for us. Print is a tool, yes, but it is also a creative outlet that enables your company and us to bring to life your objectives and your own business story. With this, comes the continued commitment to understanding trends, technology and the ability to approach every job with an open mind, focused on what works for you and your needs. 


We have a thoughtful and caring team led by Geoff and Daniel (father and son) and we have a strong attachment to sourcing local and partnering with local suppliers. As well as this sound local presence, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and continue to explore options for how we support a sustainable future in all things print.

If you are looking for a team that will work with you, who are ready for a challenge and are energised by the satisfaction

of another happy client, Chase Print Group is who you are looking for. 

Give us a go and an opportunity to impress you.

Geoff and Daniel Shadbolt